"Quite honestly, I can't imagine a better place for my rehab"

​"Amazing, kind, compassionate & knowledgeable staff"

"One of the bright spots in my cancer care"

"You explained things, which made the process easier" 

More about us...


Forte Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is the premier oncology rehabilitation center in South Texas. Our team of skilled therapists and staff share one common goal: to help cancer patients move better, feel better, and be better.


Before chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, Forte's prehab services establish a rehabilitation plan to prepare you for the prescribed interventions and establish methods to prevent the onset or reduce the severity of side effects.


During and after chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation, Forte helps identify and treat the complex medical conditions that may arise such as joint and muscle pain, neuropathy, loss of motion, balance problems, lymphedema, cancer related fatigue, sexual concerns, and incontinence.


Forte therapists are familiar with the different treatment regimens for various tumors sites and help patients recover from cancers such as breast cancer, head and neck cancers, pelvic and GI cancers, blood and lymphatic cancers, CNS cancers, sarcomas, and melanomas.